REFUsol 023K-460VAC

Ideal solution for medium-voltage applications

With an output voltage of 460 volts and an input voltage range of 575 to 850 volts, the REFUsol 023K-460 VAC is the ideal solution for medium-voltage applications on large-scale PV sites. It has an efficiency factor of more than 98%. 

Convection cooling

The high efficiency enables convection cooling. This ensures, in addition to noise-free cooling, the maintenance-free inner workings of the inverter.

It is easy to network

The data logger, RS-485 interface and Ethernet connection turn the inverter if required into a data networker. Inverters can, if required, also be integrated into a network with the radio module REFUconnect via W-LAN.  

Plug & play installation

Installation is safe and easy:

  • simple plug connections
  • low weight
  • devices remain closed during installation

This means low installation costs.

Technical data

DC Data
DC Data REFUsol 023K-460 VAC
Recommended max. PV power 25,8 kWp
MPPT range 575 ... 850 V
DC start voltage 350 V
Max. DC voltage 1000 V
Max. DC current 41 A
MPP tracking 1
Number of DC connections 6 x MC4
DC disconnection switch yes
AC Data
AC Data REFUsol 023K-460VAC
AC rated power 23 kVA
AC max. active power 23 kW
AC mains connection 3AC 460V + N, 50-60 Hz
Rated power factor 1
Adjustable shift factor 0.9i ... 1 ... 0.9c
Max. AC current 3 x 29.2 A
Distortion factor of THDs < 1.8%
Max. efficiency 98.3%
Europ. efficiency 98.1%
Feed-in as of 20 W
Internal consumption at night < 0.5 W
Cooling, ambient conditions, EMC
Cooling, ambient conditions, EMC REFUsol 023K-460 VAC
Cooling Natural convection
Ambient temperature -25 ... +55°C
Installation altitude Up to 2,000 m above sea level
Noise < 45 dBa
Electromagnetic interference EN 61000-6-4:2007
Interference immunity EN 61000-6-2:2005
Internal surge protection Type 3 (acc EN 61643-1)
Protection class I (acc. IEC 62103)
Overvoltage category DC: II, AC: III (acc. IEC 60664-1)
Environmental classes 4K4H according to DIN IEC 721-3-4
Certificates Current certificates can be found here
Mains connection conditions Fulfils all provisions for the low and medium voltage grid (VDEW, BDEW, VDE-AR-N 4105 (being prepared), Renewable Energies Act (EEG)2009)
Self-activating switchpoint according to VDE 0126-1-1
Interfaces Ethernet & RS485
General Data
General Data REFUsol 023K-460 VAC
Protection type IP65 according to EN 60529
Dimensions width / height / depth 535 mm / 601 mm / 277 mm
Weight 41.5 kg


Wireless network REFUconnect
With the new wireless network, it is possible to connect up to 2,000 inverters cable-free to the monitoring in a self-organizing radio network.
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Ideal supplement REFUpmu
The intelligent power regulation makes it possible for the network operator to limit the power in accordance with the Medium Voltage Directive. In addition to this, the actual feed-in capacity of all connected inverters can be logged and represented via the monitoring as total power.
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Temperature and insolation sensor
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Aktives Lüftermodul REFUpowercap
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Monitoring with REFUlog

Use REFUlog to evaluate your photovoltaic system online – from anywhere at any time.

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